Don Marsh

I began my career in the restaurant and bar industry back in April of 1990.  Since that time, I have been involved in every aspect in this industry from serving, bartending, front of house manager, back of house manager, sales manager, bar manager, general manager, and now owner.  I have opened and consulted many bars, restaurants, and hotels.   I have written food menus along with several bar menus and training manuals.

In 2003 I helped to introduce the cocktail movement to San Antonio as the Beverage coordinator for The Watermark Hotel/ La Mansion and as Head Bartender for Pesca.  I have opened and consulted with many bars and restaurants since then; Bohanan’s and Green Lanterns being my most well-known. 1919 being my first endeavor as an owner/operator.

1919 has the most spirits in the state and has had many write ups with the most recent from USA Today listing us as among the top 10 whisk(e)y bars in the U.S. We have also received mention in the New York Times as one of the top cocktail bars in the nation.  

The success I’ve experienced and passion I hold for this craft has led me to strive to improve the industry through 1919 as well as any future endeavors.